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I Manually Deleted Some Files And Now Can't Publish My Site!

If you manually delete folders or files from your server, and then delete them from your CityDesk file, you'll run into problems next time you try to publish.

This happens because CityDesk knows that you deleted some files or folders since the last time you published your site (it gets this information by reading the citydesk.xml file from your server). So it tries to delete them from the server next time you publish. But the files or folders aren't there, so the delete command fails and the publish fails.

The easiest way to fix this situation is to manually delete the citydesk.xml file from your server and then publish your site again. This will result in every file being uploaded again, so it will take a long time if you've got a large site and a dial-up connection. At the end of the publishing process CityDesk will upload a new citydesk.xml file, and things will work properly from that point on.

In future, delete the files only from within CityDesk, and then republish. CityDesk will take care of deleting them from the server.

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How Can I Detect Broken External Links?

There are no tools within CityDesk to check whether links from your site to other web sites are broken. But there are a variety of utilities you can download that will do this for you:

If you know of more tools I should add to this list, please email me.

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