General Questions


How Do I Move Items In The Tree View?

Normally, you just move items around in the Main Window by dragging and dropping. Sometimes, though, you can't get the item to drop exactly where you want it as it ends up in a subfolder.

In this case, click on the item and use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl-U (up) and Ctrl-D (down) to move it up or down in the list.

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How Can I Edit Images Without Messing Up Magic Names?

You want to update/change/edit an image file, but if you just delete the old one from CityDesk and drag-n-drop a new one in with the same name, all your references to the file become invalid. If you try to drag-n-drop the new file without deleting the old file, the new one gets automatically renamed, so that's not a solution either. How can you work around this?

The obvious method is to track down all the references and change them to point to the new file. But that's a pain.

My preferred method is to right-click on the image you want to modify, select Open With and then either choose a program (if available) or configure your preferred editor for this type of file. Once the image opens in your editing program you can paste a new image over the top or modify it in any way you like. When you save the file and exit the editor, CityDesk will automatically update it.

It is rumoured that CityDesk 2.0 will have a feature that allows you to replace existing files using drag-n-drop without breaking the references.

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